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  1. Hi there,
    Oliver Carpenter suggested that I contact you direct as he is no longer booking bands for the festival. I’m wondering if the full line up for this years festival is now booked, or if there are any slots left, in which case Ricky Cool and the In Crowd would love to perform for you. I can be contacted via email at the above address or by phone on 07749 918343
    Best wishes,

  2. Dears,
    The Fried Fanekas it’s a great Portuguese Blues Band, the Band in this last two years has an impressive record of live concerts, in Bars, Festivals, and Moto Clubs and so on. The Band plays original songs and covers with great quality.

    We would like to play at your Festival

    Yours Sincerely,

    Engº André Brandão
    Band Manager
    TLM: 00351 962 746 261

  3. Hi Blues at the Fold
    We wanted to let you know that Helen, Iain and Andy of the now defunct Bare Bones Boogie Band ( who had been making quite a name for themselves on the UK blues scene in the last few years) have been joined by Marek Funkas to start a new band – Born Healer!

    As an intro to the new band, we’ve put a couple of demos and some visuals on the band website, at http://www.bornhealer.com. We’ll have another couple of videos up next week too.

    We’ve been rehearsing together for a few months now and the next stage is to get out there and play some gigs.
    Please check out our website and If you have any slots still available on your line up, this year we would love a chance to play

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Helen, Iain, Andy, Marek

  4. Hello!
    Please would you be kind enough to take a look at this…


    and these….






    with a view to possibly engaging Soft Shoe Sam for a performance at your esteemed festival in 2016?
    Soft Shoe Sam has performed at several Blues & Roots Festivals this year in the U.K., as well as numerous Blues Venues, and is steadily building a reputation as a terrific performer and instrumentalist… please see the attached reviews from Blues Matters Magazine…
    Although a soloist, old Sam certainly makes a whole lot of noise! and could do you a great evening’s entertainment, playing his vintage National and Gibson guitars!
    ‘hope you like what you see! … references can be supplied if you need them.
    Many thanks for your time…
    Best regards, Soft Shoe Sam!

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